Today ( 12/Aug/2018 ) is an important day to KCT as we welcome into our community a large set of students and their parents! We are immensely happy to be taking part in the growth of each of the student and his/her family. Swagatham is an initiation ceremony where they are taken into our hands to be taught, mentored and guided for the next four years, to become the individuals that they want to be with full effectiveness.


The younger ones of the Kumaraguru tribe

Dr. J Senthil, the Principal in his welcome message to the parents spoke about the ecosystem of KCT in which their children will be raised and assured them of their well being while they grow up into responsible adults. 

Dr. J Senthil, the Principal

Dr. B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, the Chairman in his message to the parents and students shared the importance of the holistic approach to education and how KCT ensures such an education to each student. By quoting Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam Ayya’s vision that only education can constitute a better nation, the Chairman said how focused is KCT towards the vision.

Dr. B.K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar

Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar, the Joint Correspondent in his message to the parents shared that, “children are prone to succeed with their capabilities and all we have to do as elders are to trust them with full congruence and allow them to choose their path”. He also added that timely encouragement, mentoring and monitoring will help them choose their path. 

Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar

Mother of Achwatha Prasath of I year CSC, Dr. Shanthi Priya, expressed her excitement to the gathering that she can’t wait to see her child grow up to not only an engineer but also a humble being as she also believed so much in the motto of KCT that Character is Life.

Dr. Shanthi Priya

Father of Goku of I year ECE, Mr. Kalidass, when he spoke to the parents said that he has known KCT for 3 decades and that he and his son both are happy to have taken the decision to study in KCT. He added that the mentor meeting has won his trust.

Mr. Kalidass

Dr. V. Raju, the President shared that how quick and immediate is KCT in ensuring good education to students, to make platforms for them to showcase their talents.

Dr. V. Raju, the President

Dr. Devaki Palaniappan, the Department head of Science and Humanities who will also be working closely with the first years thanked the gathering and assured a great time for students in KCT. 

Dr. Devaki Palaniappan, the Department head of Science and Humanities

How better can the first day of college life begin for the students than listening to Shri Shankar Vanavarayar’s inspirational talk! As they transcend from school to college, a confined world to an expanded world, they listened and imbibed some of the simple yet powerful thoughts and strategies that the Joint Correspondent shared with them to earn a life they want. Not just students, it is enlightening to all!

1. Utilize all the opportunities to realise your potential.
2. Every class throws you some learning so don’t miss it!
3. Set a journey to find a new you!
4. From being a teenage to an adult – learn to manage it!
5. Always have an active Mind to remember that Character is Life.
6. Keep a healthy mind and body and make a great journey!