An Initiative from the Central Government of India’s MGNCRE is SAP, Swachhta Action Plan workshop. It was organized to the students of KCT and members of the NSS RRC VBC of Kumaraguru Institutions. We attended the workshop on 16th of May from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Dr.Uma Rani Purusothaman from MGNCRE was the Resource person who handled the thought provoking session.

The workshop was mainly focused on the theme of improving the clean and green in and around the campus, enriching the water resources by water conservation. Ma’am also emphasized on the importance of taking care of the mental health of ourselves and our family members during these tough pandemic Covid times.

She made the session lively by facilitating a few conversations on Covid which were enacted by the participants themselves. The interaction had takeaways on how supportive can we be to each other during these times. She also enlightened us on the possibilities and solutions for various Covid related difficulties. The workshop was informative, engaging and enlightening.✨