We, The Department of Mechatronics Engineering organised a Webinar on ”Supply Chain Management” on 20th February, 2021.The event was conducted through ZOOM platform from 10.00AM – 11.30AM. The guest of honour was Mr. Laxman Subramanian, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Solutions, Apple, USA. He is vastly Experienced and Skilled in Materials & Supply Planning, Master Data & Industrial Engineering.


The main objective of the event is to provide knowledge to the students regarding Supply Chain, Material Resource Planning, Material handling, Effective organization and Inventory Optimization. Also to give an idea of career path in Supply Chain Management.

List of happenings in the event

  • The webinar began with the introduction of chief guest. He said about his life experience in the field of supply chain.
  • He discussed about materials requirement planning, supply chain nodes, bill of materials, SWOT analysis.
  • He also discussed about the process involved in supply chain management like planning, buying, delivery, building etc.
  • The questions related to entrepreneurship, supply chain management, career in Apple etc. were also discussed as a part of the session.

Some of the questions that were discussed are listed below:

  1. What is the work of supply program manager?
  • Cost of part
  • Negotiation
  • Optimization
  • PO/ PR Cost Rollup
  • Cost publishment
  • Recycle management

2.What is the link between APPLE and FOXCONN?

Since APPLE is a design company, they provide the design FOXCONN to manufacture IPHONE. APPLE supervises the quality of the product that are used by the manufacture for the production.

3.What is supply chain node?

Plan  >  buy  >  build

4.What are the methods of forecasting in supply chain management?

Qualitative forecasting method is a subjective judgment based on the opinion expressed by consumers and market experts. This method is adopted when there is no historical data. On the other hand, quantitative forecasting method is engaged where there is access to historical data and unlike the former; it is objective to the degree of the reality of the data.


The event gave an insight into the supply chain management process, career path in the sector, skills that are required and areas of focus. The session was very informative, interesting and very useful for the students and participants. The chief guest explained all the concepts clearly. The resource person was highly experienced in various fields like Oil & Gas Industry, Consumer Electronics Industry and Dairy Industry, which indeed added an extra information to the students. Totally 128 students participated in the webinar. The doubts related to the topic asked by the participants were also cleared in Q&A session.

Event Coordinators : Abishek D, Raghul Senthil S

Blog content : Abishek D