The inaugural ceremony of the 5th batch of Super60  happened on 26 August 2019 with 34 students committing themselves to go through a process of intense self – change for a larger impact. This batch started with 34 students in group 1 and group 2 of this batch will have the programme after the current group completes in October 2019. 

What one needs in any stage of life is aspiration, inspiration and determination, and deep down everybody is on constant lookout for a springboard to launch themselves as independent, open-minded and responsible individuals. Super60 is one such field where students who aspire to be a model of personal leadership and positive influence come together. It is a confluence of learning and unlearning. Students here thrive to succeed by appreciating the greatness of humankind, the significance of delving deeper into any aspect, the importance of looking beyond the obvious and the responsibility of giving back. They are put through a process that paves them a pathway to physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual strengthening. They follow the ten commandments to get to where they want to be and what they want to become, and they are guided to bind with the commandments. Some of them being;

I subject myself to one hour of gruelling physical training every single day.

I will diligently read every thing that comes my way: from newspapers to news feeds, from 

blog posts to books and everything in between.

I will forget 8-hour beauty sleep and gladly forsake it for a long conversation on goal setting with myself.

I will understand and abide by the true meaning of punctuality. If something is late, it will be my watch. 

I will share what I know. learn what I didn’t and be humble enough to know the difference.

Wishing them a great journey and the aspirants to prepare themselves to be a part of this responsibility in the coming batches.