Every week in super60 is like a software update for our mind and soul. Week 5, we found how colorful our thoughts are. Why limit ourselves? Are we happy using the word No? And lot more questions were cleared. How our mind makes us do our routine, all these were sorted out. As always Super60 is pushing us to think and do more, extending our limits. This week really made us realize there is no limit in our life.


As the name reveals, this session was an introduction. For better saying this was like a teaser for an upcoming huge movie. Really, the teaser was tricky and left us with many questions for the movie day. The questions were like what’s your identity? Who are your inspirations? What others say about you? And few other questions. The questions were same for everyone but the colourful answers were waiting for the weekend.


Self-introspection wasn’t that easy. It is was almost like a baby struggling for his first crawl. Yeah, we were the babies. Ms.Jiju Vijaykumar, an alumna of B.Tech IT (2009-2013) and co-founder of Qubate KCT, made it quite easier for the tribe to turn the crawl into first step, catching her words like mother’s arm. Unlike the phrase “asking the same question won’t get you a different answer”, her repeated questions gave rise to many thoughts on financial independence, networking, ideating a purpose, and curating a career that works the best for us. Ms.Jiju was able to connect with everyone in the session. She questioned us what are our short term, goals and long term goals, Why we need to achieve that goal and what are the steps we have taken so far for achievement of the goal. She wanted us to socialize that could help us in one or other way. She assured us that prioritizing ourselves is not a selfish move and helped us to understand how to bridge the gap between where we are right now to where we would like to be in our lives. 


The speaker for the day was someone already familiar to me. He is a sportsperson, fitness freak but quite different from others of such interest. It was Mr. Nithin, 2019 passed out. Soon he started to discuss about mind and its levels, conscious and subconscious mind states. Whatever we think, analyse and practice consistently will get stored in our subconscious mind. So it is necessary to look at what we are practicing regularly. We have to decide what is good for us. Starting something new is always difficult, in the beginning we may feel uncomfortable while adopting a new  habit or a routine, our body may resist, then with consistent effort our brain rewires then it automatically get stored in our subconscious mind. The trick is ” Begin with motivation and sustain with discipline”. The session gave us a greater understanding about Mindfulness. The session summed up quickly and we were about to have an interactive session with him. As usual interacting with him was amazing. Everyone was raising up with their questions and were happy with his lessons. We came to know that how to approach life positively. Yes, sit and look for experiences and opportunities. Spend time to reflect yourself, always be conscious about what you are feeding your subconscious mind, keep your mind occupied and don’t choose the path that destroy you. We enjoyed and inspired throughout the session. We learnt a lot about the mind and how become a master of it.


It was the movie day we all waited for, Ms. Harshini was on the screen. The session was colourful on both screen and our minds. We all were ready with our answers and we understood that journaling our life would be the first step towards our goal setting. Discovering who we actually are makes us strong enough to deal with difficulties, emotions, etc. We had many new things to learn like never be entitled to something which meant as we are known for one thing in a place that doesn’t mean that will have some effect on other place. why it’s important to avoid saying No! We shouldn’t say NO,we should be open for learning, We should show others that we are capable of doing that. Life is an infinite game, where we have to keep going and there is no win or lose in this game. Taken as a whole, We should try learning new things  and there is no right or wrong in doing things.


III year, Electronics & Instrumentation Eng.