Super60 has always tested and pushed our limits and thoughts. With every passing week there is a new learning and a different perspective to everything. We found ourselves getting on the right path and developing into a much better person physically, mentally, socially, and intellectually. Entering Week 4 we had developed great bonds and relation within the tribe, and with such exciting company we found ourselves in entertaining and informative sessions.

Day 13: Financial Planning and Development

Money may not be the most important thing on Earth, nevertheless it plays a vital role in our day-to-day life that makes Financial planning a necessary and must do task. The session was handled by Ms. Neha, a vibrant person with great knowledge on the subject. We started from the basics and learnt the field terms involved in the banking sector. We discussed about the various financial assets and the benefits of liquid assets. Financial Planning helps a person to estimate and analyse the required capital, calculate the risk, and to wisely invest to earn passive income. We talked about the roles played by the intermediary, the bank and the sellers involved in the exchange. To have a practical understanding we were divided in breakout rooms. She instructed us to come up with a plan for a start-up and to brainstorm on managing the capital and ideas for yielding profits. The teams presented about the same, this collaborative learning and the presentation educated us with different themes and perspective of Financial Planning. The session gave a clearer picture on how we should go about managing our resources.

Day 14: Personal Vision Statement

A personal vision statement is a path or road guiding us to our goals and objectives in our life both personally and professionally. The path may evolve over time as we learn new things and develop interest in various fields. The statement acts as a bridge between our interests, values, strengths, skills, weaknesses, and professional goals. We had with us Ms. Shobana Kumar, a composed and methodical kind of person. The session started with understanding what a vision is, the ability to see beyond. We understood that a vision statement need not always contain grand plans and that it could be small things that mean a lot to us. Following a brief explanation on the vision statement, we were instructed to list out our interests. We discussed about it and penned down the values important to us, the dreams we have, the strengths we possess, the skills required to achieve our dreams and finally our professional goals. We had a great time introspecting about what we wanted to be and what we are interested in.  The session gave us a structured view of our dreams and what it requires to achieve them. We saw the bigger picture rather than being focussed on the minor parts.

Day 15: Indelible Ink

The government is an instrument and a structure ensuring better living standards for its citizens. The government acts within the power granted to it by the constitution formed by the country. The session was in regard to the upcoming Tamil Nadu state elections on April 6th, 2021. Mr. Nivethan, an organized and proactive person made us realize the privileges we enjoyed with our government and the constitution in the session. We had a discussion on the various forms of government and how they function. When we learned about the various forms of government, including Monarchy, Oligarchy, Theocracy, and Totalitarianism we understood the various advantages we take for granted in our form of government. This way we were able to understand all the merits that Democracy has. The discussion moved towards the words written in the Constitution of India’s Preamble, “Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic”. We understood the meaning of the words and the power they carry with them. The session ended with the question of how we choose the right candidate to vote.

Dhuruvan S L

II B.Sc Psychology