In the journey of exploring ourselves and the world, Super60 has given us yet another week fully packed with amazing sessions for us to understand, think, and grow! With each day passing, we could realize the change in our perspectives in how we look at the world and how we handle situations. We are evolving every day, becoming better individuals, better leaders.

Day 9: Types of Leadership

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more – You are a leader”

Being empathic, taking new initiatives, having a vision, being responsible – all these are few of the qualities possessed by a leader. The session on ‘Types of Leadership’ handled by Mr. Hari Shankaran, made us understand that there are different approaches in how we lead. Though we have one predominant leadership style, it can change and develop based on the situation.  When we think of leadership, we often fail to recognize the leadership quality that we use in our day to day life. We often limit leadership as a position or a role, not looking at how we are leaders, making small changes in our day to day lives. And the activity called “Shipwreck” gave us that understanding. The tribe was split into many groups and were asked to discuss on what measures do we bring, to survive in a island with nothing in hand. Taking inspirations from movies, books, television shows, every tribe member brought up with many ideas in order to survive and assigned tasks to the other members, revealing there is a leader in each one of us, with different leadership styles. On the whole, the session helped us to understand the ‘leader in us’ better.

Day 10: MBTI

“The understanding of inner self holds the meaning of one’s life”

The root of all change begins with understanding self. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a tool that aims to help us not only to understand ourselves better, but also gain insights about others as well. And the session on MBTI, handled by Ms. Vallikala, made us introspect our actions, thoughts and behaviours. With the help of MBTI, we understood the different psychological preferences that people have in perceiving the circumstances and making decisions. The preferences that one individual make is directly related to how they communicate and interact with the world. A four letter result that we get from taking the MBTI questionnaire, sums up our personality traits out of the 16 different types – right from how we gain our energy to how we take in information, how we make decisions and how we deal with the world. Theoretically understanding about them, we were split into groups and were asked to discuss on how would we react to various scenarios given. Everyone in the tribe had different perspectives on how they would react to same situations, confirming the diverse personality traits we possess. The session showed light on how there is always an another way on dealing the situations. We are now more aware of our actions and can understand others too.

Day 11: Target Setting

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up some place else.”

Target Setting , Goal setting – aren’t these words just synonymous to each other? How bizarre is it to know that, these words that we use very regularly have different meanings to them! Mostly we had the same answers to anyone who questioned us regarding our target or goal or any such things. Nivethan Anna who handled the session “Target Setting”, asked us to write every single target we had. The catch here was to not stop writing until he asked us too. Most of us had the sense of guilt while doing this activity, thinking about where we stand in terms of achieving them. We discussed the various other thoughts that rushed our minds while doing this activity. One of the most wonderful lessons learnt was that, the targets you set, should create a beautiful world not only for yourself but also to the last man standing. The end and the mean, the visualization and measurement, the personal vision statement – all are vital in target setting. Every word discussed in the session had a deeper meaning to it, a different dimension that brings a change in how we set and achieve the target. This thoughtful session left us pondering with many questions on our goals, achievements and challenges.

Day 12: Open Mic

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated”

The much anticipated session of Super60 – the Open Mic, the platform where we can exhibit our talents to our fellow tribes finally arrived. When we thought it was a light hearted session, where we could have fun, Monisha akka taught us an important life lesson to take home, a lesson that we mostly fail to do in our daily lives – genuine appreciations for others. The positivity and happiness that the person who appreciated and the one who got appreciation is immense. It was beautifully explained by her with the help of a story. The appreciation and encouraging words could be the simplest form of uplifting a person.

The session then continued with few of the tribe members showcasing their talents through singing, playing musical instruments, sharing us their stories, exhibiting their artworks and monoacting. Each one of us were extremely proud of the amazing talents that our fellow tribe members have. The session was fun and we enjoyed to the core. We are now anticipating Part 2 of the Open Mic, where the rest of us will showcase our talents.


II B.A. Political Science