Journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all experience to enjoy and we are in the 10th week now. Addressing Emotions through meditation , tasting the essence of gratitude, understanding more about our thinking process and solving problems is all about our week 10 journey.


We got a wonderful opportunity to meditate in the journey of our week 10 . That was a wonderful experience with Ms. Vallikala mam. We had two sessions Meditation through kinesthetics and Addressing Emotions through meditation with her. In the day 1 of meditation we did a small activity which helps us to observe ourselves after meditation . We observed how we listen to our body’s message , where do we feel more stress in our body and how is our energy level after meditation . That was an amazing session as the hour came to its end and we felt like it could continue much longer. We felt so calm. As we undergo hectic schedule during these lockdown, these meditation sessions have been really great for our mental health. We felt so relaxed and it was a perfect way to start a day. We felt so lighter, focussed and refreshed. Thank you mam for the wonderful and blissful Meditation sessions.


Our next session is on Gratitude and Feedback with Ms. Monisha, which was done in async mode. In life we have some person whom we wish to say thank you or we may wish to ask sorry for a longtime but due to time constraints, ego and some other reasons we skipped and failed to do that. It could be anyone, someone from our family, friends, etc., This activity helped us to break that reasons and made us to do that. It’s really worth keeping aside our works for sometime and calling someone to express our gratitude. It really gives us happiness and we feel a different emotions there. Here we can say sorry to one person and thank you to another person also. It depends on us. She also asked us feedback about our calls like how we feel after the call, what the reaction of the person on the other side, what was our emotions during the call, what made us call that one person and how important they are to you,etc.., This activity was actually an interesting and emotional one. We learnt how gratitude helps us to feel more positive emotions, how it helps to build relationships and how it gives greater happiness. We learnt showing gratitude is simplest one yet powerful. We learnt saying sorry is most difficult thing to do but it is the cheapest way to save the most expensive gift called relationship. In starting we might feel shy or difficult to express our gratitude and Feedback but when we practice it continuously it will definitely change our day and life. Thank you monisha akka for wonderful session.


Six thinking hats is all about our last session in week 10. The session went both in async and sync mode. We were initially asked to watch a video to understand more about hats. After understanding clearly we were given an problem statement and asked to apply each hats to the problem. We felt so excited to learn

about it. The six hats we learnt are white, red, black, yellow, green and blue. Then as a continuity we had a session with Ms. Monisha to understand six thinking hats even more deeper. Monisha akka asked us to arrange the order of hats in the way how we deal with a problem or like which sounds more like us . We all come up with different order. After the task she gave us a trick to solve the problem in great way. The tick is analyse the problem from least to the most to structure the problem. Yes, solving the problem in a reverse way of order will definitely help us to frame it out. We learnt how to use these hats and how to apply them. Like when it comes to evaluation we should consider yellow and black hat and when it comes to caution we should use both white and black hat. It was really an interesting one. We feel so excited to apply these hats to a problem. It really helps one to make a better decision. Thank you monisha akka for the great insights.