Day 36: Privilege and Responsibility
As the second wave started to peak quicker than anticipated, The 9th week of Super60 left the tribe with lots of room for introspection and space to analyze the prevailing need for empathy. The first session was on “Privilege and Responsibility” by Ms.Shobana Kumar, who helped us understand how privileged we are to practice social distancing, sanitizing our homes, washing our hands, and afford necessary medicines and supplies. The class, which once loathed lockdown, was now able to understand how the ability to practice lockdown freely was a privilege. The session induced so much clarity and consciousness in the students, enabling them to realize that responsibility is not just from the within and that we have to take the necessary steps to be responsible citizens in a global crisis like Covid-19. She helped the tribe realize that compassion in times like these is the best ally for courage and responsibility. 

Day 37: Breaking stigmas 02
Following that, Mr.Sangeeth and Mr.Harish, founders of “Change Iruka,” a fun-filled podcast that aims to discuss social stigmas, led a heartfelt feel-good session on ‘Breaking Stigmas.’ The entire session was quite relieving and amusing as both Sangeeth and Harish narrated personal anecdotes, which not only made the tribe laugh but also think about how they could stand out from the rest by courageously pursuing what their heart yearns to do so.  

Day 38: Thriving failures and dealing success
The next session was conducted by Mr.Prashanth, founder of Athleap, which probably ended up being the most impactful session that openly talked about failures and the ground reality of creating success stories through failures. Mr.Prashanth narrated his story of founding Athleap and the number of failures he had to endure to create it. With the ongoing uncertainties around the future of students, the tribe found Mr.Prashanth’s session on ‘Thriving Failures and Dealing Success’ relatable. They were able to connect with his journey and were confident that failures don’t define them or brand them as incompetent. 

Day 39: Empathy

The final session of the week was on ‘Empathy’ by Mr.Nivethan, who helped the tribe deeply understand what stirs empathy within us. He helped the tribe understand the need for empathy as millions face despair at the moment. He broke down the prevailing curiosity around identity and how it shapes us by discussing ‘The Paradox of Theseus’s Ship’. It teases the intrusiveness behind what creates our identity –  whether it is the bodily criterion, the mental criterion, or the psychological one. We couldn’t put our fingers on what would be the most accurate answer to the question. Guess it’s whatever floats our boat, or in this case, ships.


Sanaa Mohammed Rabeek

Third year Civil Engineering