In this 12-week journey of Super 60, we had a fun impactful learning stop in Week 6. In week 6 we had learned through art, appreciation, and some thinking. So, our first session in week 6 started with realizing the importance of discipline, mutual respect in a team, teamwork, and respecting our teacher/mentor. In this world, it takes us several hard lessons to learn all about the above aspects but in our super 60, we learned it not in an easy way but in a promising way.

Day 21: Values behind video-Talkies

            Yeah, in our “Values behind the video talkies “session by Ms. Monisha we saw few impactful clippings of the movie “Coach Carter”. There were many different individual takeaways from the clippings but after the session, we all had a collective discussion about our thoughts and takeaways from the movie and we have got many different inspiring views few reflected upon the meaning of success, and the others brought their opinion on how even a failure can be celebrated when they know they have drained all their fullest of hard work on the goal as a team. It was really essential learning for our tribe.           

Day 22:Open mic-Art of appreciation 2

              With the strong impact we had the previous day we were waiting for another stronger thought-provoking session. But the “Open Mic “session we had the next day made us realize that we don’t need fierce motivational speeches, inspiring videos all the time to pushes us forward it can be also our regular chilling buddy who is sitting next to us. The real motivation for a person who is thriving hard to achieve his/her goal is a little ounce of appreciation this is the major take away from our open Mic session. We had our fellow tribe mates showing their talents. Few are really talented, and many are multitalented. We had chance to see our fellow Gryffindor’s showcasing their drawing, storytelling, reading, video graphing, fact sharing and many more of their talents. It was an ice breaking session for us to get to know about the talents we treasure in our tribe.

Day23: Zentangles

              Our third day of week 6 broke a very big stereotype that we need to go on a vacation to mountains or beaches to make ourselves calm and relaxed. NO, it can be done in our own place with a 4X4 paper and few color sketch pens. “The Zentangles session” by Ms. Muthu Periyaval thought us how fun and relaxing the art can be.  It involves creating beautiful pictures by one stroke at a time. It made us reflect on our life that with one step at a time with patience and perseverance we can paint a bigger and beautiful picture of our own life. We also drew our zentangles along with her and shared it with rest of our tribe and frame was filled with big smiles and colors.

              We being in our ‘ZEN ‘tangle mode for the rest of the day almost didn’t think about what we have to the coming Tuesday.

Day24: Indelible Ink 2

But nevertheless, “The Indelible Ink” by Mr. Niventhan brought us back to our democratic senses. Though we had few pondering questions from the part 1 of the same its high time that we get all our pondering questions about the elections get answered. Since there are many first-time voters in our tribe this session didn’t encourage just to vote but do our homework before getting our finger dirtied with the indelible ink. In the session we went through searched about the contesting candidates, their profiles, the chief minister candidates of their respective parties, their manifestos and many such factors which might help us make our decisions, It was not an influential session but yes definitely an informative one indeed.

Day25: Passion and profession

              Our roller coaster week 6 with lot of fun and thought-provoking learning came to an end with yet another thought kindling session by Mr Gopinath the “Passion and Profession”. Though we were fascinated about how he has control over the body in difficult postures we were also inspired by the process how he got there. So the speaker himself was a software engineer by profession but also a  fitness coach out of his passion. His experience on how his profession economically fueled and supported his passion gave us some thought boost that its not necessary to leave our profession to achieve our passion and the other way as well. Yeah, he also gave us the hard facts of having too many things on our plate but he also made us realize that its all for a greater good in a long run.

With that, yet another fruitful session of our super 60 came to an end. In our busy back-to-back sessions and academic schedules, we don’t know whether we had some self-time to sit and reflect upon what all have been shared with us this week. But, it’s always not necessary to wait for the right time nor the opportunity to implement what we learned. Let’s create our own opportunity and practice what we have learned in small ounces. Let our actions be the reflections of our learning.


Divya Dharsini M J

I year, MBA.