As the journey of us Super60ian continued with lot of joy,pondering and exploring we moved forward to the another beautiful week of learning and examining  ourself .We have reached the Week-12

Empathy 03:

       After the 2 session on empathy and pondering us we moved closer to the 3 part of empathy which was taken by Mr.Nivethan.The session started with 2 video clip of Taare Zameen Par .Which made us think about more about life and the things which we could have done.The more we reflected on us Mr.Nivethan raised a question “What are things you regret of not doing?” This question was an eye opening for us that made us think how much we miss those little or big things. It isn’t necessary to be right or wrong or being judged its mostly about  taking small step and being empathetic with the responsibility and privilege we carry with us.Then the ended with the activity “Expressing gratitude and apologetic to that one long lasted or lost person”.We Super60ian were able to express to our that one person and we also got connected with the people who we lost the contact due to the progressive life.

Privilege and Responsibility:

          The next day Mr.Saravana took the session on “Privilege and Responsibility”.

The session gave us the idea of what is our Privilege and responsibility we play towards Nature and habitat living in the world.We traveled through the western ghats and heard the stories of the habitat , species living there which amused us a lot.We were enlightened by how Natural habitent plays an important role ,slight change in the habitent can lead to major imbalance which can also lead to the extinction of species.It is our responsibility to protect and cherish our mother nature.

Emotional Intelligence:

    The final session of the week was “Emotional Intelligence” . It was an asynchronous session recording ourselves while appreciating and criticizing   the things we would like to tell to ourself, which made us help to understand that even if the world is against you. You will always have yourself and  it is important to cherish oneself as equal to how you cherish others.


Esaiarasi S

Third year CSE