Super 60 has never failed to uplift the students .We had a launchpad session by our tribe people and could able to interpret the ideologies of other people and went so lively and interactive!

Launchpad session by Dhuruvan:

Dhuruvan took a launchpad session on the “Standford Prison Experiment”. He come up with all the connecting dots that prevails and answered some of the questions that we posed in this dramatic simulation of prison life conducted at Standford university. As a psychology student ,he also interpret one of the famous psychological experiment by Stanley Milgram, in the light of understanding of nature of emotions. He also come up with the Influence of Philip Zimbardo on Psychology. All these were connected with social roles, expectations, Stereotypes ,deindividualization ,learned helplessness and environment or situation today.

Launchpad session by Sowbhakiya:

Sowbhakiya took a launchpad session on “Emotional stability”. Leading the ideally peaceful life is something that we all desire. However, achieving the same while enduring our routines that we’ve created for ourselves can prove to be an overwhelming task .Sowbhakiya has put forth the statement clearly an unwavering sense of dedication towards this balance, one has to realise what it brings into our lives. She also added on the steps to achieve this emotional stability like knowing ourselves ,expressing ourselves, acceptance of the fact, and changing our perspective of thoughts. She also brings her own experience of this emotional stability and how she handled over it. She concluded by saying “An emotionally stable individual would demonstrate heightened efficiency in whatever responsibilities he/she undertakes. Added to that, owing to the stable state, the same individual would be able to effectively handle any and all kinds of situations that require significant mental investment.! “

Launchpad session by Tejashwini:

Tejashwini took a launchpad session on “The Ensemble”. Firstly, she questioned what is life according to us?. Then she explained that purpose is the common among all the different theories of life. In connection to the “purpose” we did a small activity to think or getting back to our childhood memories that we can’t get rid off! The ultimate output of doing this activity is like ,thinking of our favorite moments in our childhood would be able to solve any obstacles that we are facing .She exclaimed that those pessimistic phase would get easily vanished while thinking of our childhood moments .And that would be the PURPOSE of our life! Followed by another activity like what is our purpose in someone’s life! We are given different roles and asked to find the mission of the particular role! She depicted a picture by Candy Chang and concluded it by saying “We should know our purpose with respect to ourselves and with respect to otherselves before we die!”


Harnithaa R

Third year ISE