“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

                                                                                                                                                  –   Zig Zagler

With this quote etched in everyone’s mind, the First Day of Super 60 Program for this semester started today (05.03.18 – Tuesday) with the initial process of enhancing one’s physical fitness. The session set off sharp at 6:30 am which was completely directed by Siva Selvan of 3rd Year Mechatronics Department and Deepan of 3rd Year Automobile Department who were enthusiastic Ex-Super 60’ians. The session was power packed with the energetic Super 60’ians who were ready to face it, whatever may be the task given to them. Initially, they were asked to trace up and honour the Indian National Flag with Salute. This gave a Patriotic start to the session.

The students were then given two minutes’ time and was asked to become conversant with the names of each and every one of the Team. They were guided to stretch out and exercise in order to warm up their body followed by Walking and Jogging on roads around the admin block in the midst of beautiful trees and the tone of lovely birds. After that the students were asked to perform a few more exercises with the perfect blend in time to bring out their Co-ordination. Later, a game was organized surprisingly to make the students get more familiar with the names of other people in the Super 60 team. The active involvement of each and every one in this game made it too interesting to play.

Finally, Nivethan (coordinator, Super 60) directed the gathering and stressed upon the importance of being mindful of every place. He also gave some tasks for the students to perform on a regular basis to attain the transformation. This day would hopefully kick-start the changeover for the students who are here in this Super 60 team to push over their limitations and get levelled up in their life. On a closing note, the attendance was taken and the students dispersed with much more eager and excitement to attend Silambam training in the following sun-up.


                                Straight From My Heart



“This is the day that I have yearned for the past few months”

With the never ending anticipation of getting selected for this Super 60 program, I came to attend the 1st session on Physical Endurance and Enhancement. Eagerness filled in me immensely with the prospect of discovering something fresh today. The Session was equipped with more professionalism and patriotism that it began with the flag salute. The Warm-up exercises we practiced today not just heighten our physical fitness, but also boosted up our confidence level as well. Walking and Jogging along with some sweet conversations around the admin block with much concentration to the aesthetics and sounds of nature felt really refreshing.

The game that we played today was amazing and I felt that this might be the best way to remember the names of people around us when we are piled up as a squad. At the conclusion of the game, I was literally amazed that I became familiar with the names of everyone around me. The concluding speech of Nivethan Brother, who is one among the co-ordinators of Super 60 encouraged me to have a broadened mind and to be aware of what is happening around me. We were given some tasks to perform on a regular basis. One among that was to thank somebody who might be the cause behind our comfortable learning in this college. And I thanked the Watchman who was standing near the temple when I went home. He just smiled back at me. This gave me some kind of feeling that I have to compliment others whenever I get the opportunity to do so.

We were also given the task to read the news in the paper or the app. With the commitment in my mind, I read few contents in the newspaper which gave me the hope of being updated with current affairs at least to a certain extent. I’m wondering how a single day had such a heavy shock in my spirit. This day gave me the opportunity to highly ignite my interest towards the valuable upcoming days of the Super 60 Program. I would wish to express my gratitude towards Siva Selvan and Deepan, who were the Ex-Super 60’ians and held the complete responsibility of being the enervating guide today.