Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impacts in your absence 

Everyone knows what leadership is, but few people can articulate what it truly means. Many people struggle because it’s a word we use so frequently without really defining it. The Super60 program develops and refines your leadership skills, including your ability to tackle any kind of situation, and that way one can realize their potential. As few of us haven’t even moved out of the excitement of getting selected for the super60 program, We have completed 4 sessions in our first week.

Day 1 :Knowing each other

Effective leadership begins with effective communication

Communication plays a foremost role in keeping the team together and making the atmosphere more lively. Due to the lockdown, we all are caged in our houses, and we rarely had chances to communicate with others. We have begun our first session by introducing each other and getting to know each other. Introducing yourself helps you “break the ice” when meeting new people. We came across different personalities and a few of them made us smile, surprised. When we are traveling by any public transport, we will come across different people going to different destinations just like that we are traveling in a bus carrying the name Kumaraguru Institutions, we all are going towards different destinations. We can see people passing money from person to person to buy tickets. We are here passing our thoughts from person to person and that may help others to get to their destination. All around, it was a great kick-start to our super60 journey.

Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all experiences to enjoy.

Day2:Context setting

Create an ambiance of positivity, success always follow an entity

We had a session with Nivethan anna. The session was more interactive and thoughtful. Like mentioned earlier, We all have been using few words without even knowing the real meaning of it. One such word is privilege. Our tribe mates gave much explanation to this word. The real meaning of “privilege” is a special right or advantage that only one person or group has. The next word is “Responsibility” which means a duty to deal with something so that it is your fault if something goes wrong. We thought at some point that we will be judged by others or our identity will be released. He taught us about “Trust circle” which could be a new word for a few of our tribe mates. Circle of Trust means a pool of person that you put unquestionable trust in them. The circle of trust is all about being safe. As an S60ian , what is our responsibility? What is our privilege? These questions let us ponder and answer for these questions depends on an individual.

Day 3- Ego States

When we think about “ego”, we could have some negative perspective on hearing that word. The session on “Ego states” was an eye-opener and insightful session carried out by Vallikala mam. An ego state is a way in which we think, feel and behave, making up our personality at a given time. We all have all three ego states- Parent, Adult, and Child. These ego states are made up of consistent feelings and behaviors. The parent ego state refers to the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that are copied, learned, or even borrowed from our parents, parental figures, or significant others.

I Nurturing parent: caring, loving, helping

II controlling parent: criticizing, reprimanding, censoring, punishing, etc.

Adult ego state — Our ability to think and act based on what’s happening in the here and now. Child ego state— Contains the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that we experienced as a child.

I Free child: curious, creative, open, loving

II Adaptive child: guilty, afraid, depressed, anxious, envious, prideful, trying to please everyone, attention-seeking, rebellious 

Basically, transactional analysis is about identifying which ego states are present in your transactions so that you can become more conscious of your thoughts and behaviors, and ultimately have better, more constructive transactions with the people closest to you.

Day 4: Fitness session

Take care of your body, It’s the only place you have to live

The session was carried out by Dheeraj Kumar anna who patiently answered everyone’s questions and burst the myths. Fitness means different things to different people. Fitness means the condition of being physically and mentally fit with good health. It is the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness, without undue fatigue, and with ample energy to enjoy life. Fitness depends fully on the calories. We could have came across so many types of diets- keto diet, paleo diet, water-only diet, intermittent fasting, etc. All these diets depend on how much amount of calories we intake and how many calories we burn. Whether we want to lose weight or gain weight, we should calculate the calories. Carbohydrates, protein, and fats are the main components of food. The total net calorie can be calculated by (Grams of Protein)* 4+ (Grams of carbohydrates)* 4 +(Grams of fat)* 8. We can lose weight even after eating junk foods that are under our maintenance calories. The maintenance calorie differs from person to person based on the energy they need for each day, age, sex, size, and activity level.


Yuvarani S

3rd B.Tech -Biotechnology