On the occasion of Indian Independence Day(15/04/2020), Varnam club of Kumaraguru conducted an online event named “Suit up the heroes!”. The theme of the event was to recreate our freedom fighters in a modern superhero style.

Students were allowed to do in any style with any medium.Students who were interested created various artworks in all mediums. They gave out their best ideas and imagination skills. They shared what they imagined if those people were here in this world.

Making us wonder what would’ve happened. Giving out a social message and also broadening their imagination. Art is a platform where students can express their thoughts and imagination without words.

It makes us realize what our students are up to. When events like this are held, it’s like giving an opportunity to our students to show off what they are actually capable of.

The winners were selected based on their creativity. Prasanna and Syed were selected as winners of this event. Other unique and creative artworks were published in our instagram page to recognize their efforts. This concludes the contribution from our side to the Kumaraguru’s ‘virtual Independence day celebrations’.

Written by Shanmathi, Team Varnam.