Following the event “Rubik’s Challenge”, we, the Matrix club of Kumaraguru, conducted yet another event – “Sudoku Hunt”, which was held on July 22, 2020.
This event aimed at bringing out the sudoku solving skills of our fellowmates. The participants were asked to get ready with a pen and a paper. The level 1 sudoku puzzle was posted in our Instagram page on 10:10 am and the level 2 puzzle on 10:30 am. Winners were finalized based on the time taken to solve the puzzle.
The event attracted and gathered many sudoku lovers. We kept on receiving answers for the whole day.
Our friend, Pradeep of 2nd year ISE grabbed the first place by solving level 1 puzzle in 6 minutes and level 2 puzzle in 11 minutes. Vetri of 3rd year CSE and Ranjith of 2nd year EEE secured second place and third place respectively.