Time of Event:

Wednesday 25, November 2020 9:00 PM

Event Coordinator:

  • Syed Masood T. S. -18BAE042


The Cycle of our life spins with the help of the spokes of the noble virtues.
The Ashok Chakra represents 24 virtues.
But how many of us know them all?
Are we implementing them in our life?
Let us define these virtues with our words.
The responses will be collected through Google Forms.
Participants attended: 5

Event Progress:

On occasion of Independence Day, Kumaraguru Bikers club have arranged for virtual celebration by conducting online contest for the students. The Spokes of Life event was conducted from 14th August to 16th August.

The Spokes of Life event mainly concentrated on the virtues a human needed to keep in his life. The participants are requested to write down the definition for the virtues represented by the spokes of Ashok Chakra.

The 24 spokes of The Ashok Chakra represents 24 Nobel virtues: Love, Courage, Patience, Peace, Magnanimity, Goodness, Faith, Gentleness, Selflessness, Self-Control, Self-Sacrifice, Truthfulness, Righteousness, Justice, Mercy, Gracefulness, Humility, Loyalty, Sympathy, Spiritual Knowledge, Forgiveness, Honesty, Hope and Eternity.

The participants are requested not only to explain the virtues but also to express their view about this virtues and how they are going to follow them in their life. Even though the event didn’t get the reach it deserved, it helped to inspire few young minds. Each day promotion was done through social media “Instagram” and “WhatsApp”.

Winner of the Event:

  • Kamali B

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Contact Number: 86104 24771