Spaceware was organized by SEDS KCT as a part of Freshman Fiesta to help the participants to enhance their programming skills. It is a Programming challenge where the participants solved the problem related to space science and Technology using Python. The Main Objective of this event is to enhance the coding skills of Participants and let them know about the applications of coding in Space Sector.

Date: 23-02-2022

Timing: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Participants: First Years of SEDS KCT

After Finalizing the date, day and time for the Spaceware, the poster for the spaceware was created by media team and was shared with registration link. The people who are all interested in coding were enrolled and made their presence in the spaceware.  Feedback form was created to share the participant’s experience.

The event was marketed with the help of social media. Digital posters were created and were shared in various social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc.

No. of Participants: 19


               Around 5p.m, the Participants started assembling in the allotted aero department classroom. At 5.00 to 5.20 p.m, the Event began with greetings from the organizers. After a brief introduction, the team explained the rules to be followed throughout the event.

Rules to be followed during the task:

      A. A questionnaire will be shared with the participants. They are requested to solve the problems and submit the output.

     B. The problems are to be solved only by using Python.

     C. After completion, participants are to submit their codes in the submission link posted.

       D. There were 2 sections A and B. Section A had one question which was compulsory. Section 2 had 2 questions out of which one had to be answered.

Then, the pdf containing the questions were posted in the group. The participants did the task and completed them within the allotted timings. Those who did not have laptops in hand were provided one by the team. The submission link was posted and the participants, after showing the output submitted in the provided space. Thus, the event ended on a good note.


                    Thus, the Event ended successfully with good feedbacks from the participants. Through this event, the participants were able to get a hands- on experience in problem solving with python. The real time problems helped them relate to their daily life and was extremely beneficial for all of them.