SPACE TALKS-  8 was organized by SEDS KCT to educate on Rocket Propulsion and particularly on Airbreathing technique.


  1. Initiation phase: 

The PRO team of SEDS contacted the speaker with the help of SEDS India through LinkedIn. The Speaker, Mr. Subash Kuppusamy is the Founder and CEO of Brahmastra Aerospace Systems. 

  1. Marketing Phase: 

Digital Posters from the media team were shared through Social Media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Whatsapp and Facebook. It was also shared with other Chapters of SEDS India and abroad. 


Date:           20 September 2020

Time:           4-5 pm

Platform:    Google meet

No.of Registrations:  56

No.of Attendees:       51

The event started with a Welcome address by Ms. Krithika, a member of the Media team of SEDS KCT. The session was then handed over to the speaker, Mr. Subash Kuppusamy who then shared his knowledge on Airbreathing Rocket Propulsion.

Some of the highlights of his speech are,  

  1. 86% of Rocket’s mass comes from the propellant. 70% of it is an oxidizer. 
  2. We can drastically reduce the weight of the fuel can be oxidized with the help of Oxygen present in the air. 
  3. ISRO is currently working on this technique as it reduces the cost of a rocket.

The last part of the session was Q/A where the audience shot out their queries and doubts in Rocket Propulsion. 

A feedback form was then circulated in the chatbox and Certificates were provided to those who filled the form. The session finally ended by thanking the Speaker and audience who made this event a successful one. 

Thanks and Regards.