Space talks-4 was organized by SEDS KCT to create awareness on Space Entrepreneurship and different job opportunities in the Space Sector. 



The PRO team of SEDS KCT contacted the speaker with the help of SEDS India through LinkedIn. 

The speaker Ms.Nikhitha C is the Co-founder and CEO of Society for Space Education, Research and Development(SSERD). 


The media team of SEDS KCT made Digital posters and were shared to the Speaker and also through the Social Media Platform. 


Date:           18th August, 2020

Time:           4 – 5 pm

Platform:    Google meet

No.of Registrations:  56

No.of Attendees:       47

The event started with a Welcome address by Mr.OhmPrakash, member of Admin team, SEDS KCT. The session was then handed over to the speaker Ms.Nikhitha C. 

The speaker engaged the audience by introducing various less-known fields in the Space Sector. 

Some of the less-known job opportunities in the space sector as mentioned by the speaker are: 

  1. Space Medicine – People who take care of Astronauts before and after the journey. 
  2. Space Lawyer – Will deal with Space related Treaties. 
  3. Space Designer/Architect – Design structures which will be sent to space/other planets.
  4. Space Educator – People who educate and create awareness among space. 

The last part of the session was Q/A where the audience shot out their queries and doubts in job opportunities and also regarding Entrepreneurship.

Feedback form was circulated in the chat box and Certificates were provided to those who filled the form. The session finally ended by thanking the Speaker and audience who made this event a successful one. 

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