SPACE TALKS-3 was organized by SEDS KCT to create awareness on Sounding Rockets by highlighting its Scope and also on Space Entrepreneurship . 


  1. Initiation Phase: 

PRO team of SEDSKCT contacted the speaker through LinkedIn. The Speaker, Mr. Sunny Kabrawalla is the founder of STAR – Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry.

  1. Marketing Phase: 

Digital Posters from the media team were shared through Social Media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and Facebook. It was also shared to other Chapters of SEDS India and abroad. 


Date:           14th and 17th August, 2020

Time:           4 – 5 pm

Platform:     Google meet

No.of Registrations:  213

No.of Attendees:       140

The event started with a Welcome address by Ms. Janani, Lead of Media. The session was then handed over to the speaker, Mr. Sunny Kabrawalla who then shared his experience in Sounding Rockets and also in Entrepreneurship. He opened his journey on finding his passion towards the Space sector and also on initiating and building his startup-STAR

Some of the highlights of his speech are,  

  1. First step in Entrepreneurship is finding the Problem. When there is a problem, there is an Opportunity. 
  2. We get immune to Failures. Deeper the failure, stronger will be the immunity. 
  3. Always think Long-term. 
  4. Networking will help you in developing your company. 
  5. Impregnate a strong culture into your team. 

The last part of the session was Q/A where the audience shot out their queries and doubts in Sounding Rockets and also regarding Entrepreneurship.

Feedback form was circulated in the chat box and Certificates were provided to those who filled the form. The session finally ended by thanking the Speaker and audience who made this event a successful one. 

Future Plans of SPACE TALKS: 

Space talks-4,5 will be held in the upcoming weeks with speakers from the Space Industry. 

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