SPACE TALKS-2 is part of space talk series organized by SEDS KCT. Space talk 2 was to create awareness about space-based careers in india.


1. Initiation:

PRO team of SEDS KCT approached SPACE KIDZ INDIA inviting them to space talks. Later our team Space Kidz Kalam sat team members and decided the topic for space talk 2 – REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD AND CHOOSE A SPACE BASED CAREER.

2. Marketing phase:

Digital posters were made by media team of SEDS and shared in social platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. It was shared to other SEDS chapters in india and abroad.


All the registrations were received through Google Forms.

No. of registrations received: 53

No. of attendees: 31

Event date: 10.08.2020

Event time: 4.00-5.00 pm

The event started with an welcome address from Ms. Janani, lead of media. It was then headed over to the speaker Mr. YAGNA SAI and Mr. RIFATH of kalam sat team who followed the whole event with the utmost engagement from the audience. It was finally ended by a Q/A session where the audience shot out their questions. Ms. Janani, then gave the final vote of thanks to the speakers and audience.


Space talks 3,4,5 is planned in upcoming weeks with entrepreneurs in space field.

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