Space talk-13 was organized by SEDS KCT to know more about Rocket Propulsion, Propellants and its manufacturing.

Date: 12.02.2022

Time: 7.30pm-8.30pm

Speaker: Mr.Rudy Gostowski, Tenured professor at Triton College, Former Material Scientist and Propulsion Chemist at NASA.

After finalizing the date, day, time and speaker for the space talks-13, the poster for the space talk was created by media team and shared with registration link. The people who are all interested with this space talks enrolled and made their presence in the space talks-13.  Feedback form was created to share the participant’s experience.

The event was marketed with the help of social media. Digital posters were created and were shared in various social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc.

No. of attendees: 75+


The session started with the welcome address by Sri Sanjana from PR Team. Mr.Rudy Gostowski started his presentation explaining about the purpose of propellants. The speaker explained about Solid Rocket motors, Hybrid Rocket motors and their configurations. Interesting content was shared about Monopropellant Rocket Thrusters, HTP Thruster Rocket Engines. His experience and expertise came of great use to all participants. He also explained about the chemical components in rocket propulsion engines and their toxicity. He also recalled an event with a student, who once unknowingly touched hydrazine. He also told us about the rocket engines currently used in SpaceX.    After the end of session, Q/A session started, and participants interacted actively to clarify their doubts. Questions related to usage of electrical propulsion, nuclear propulsion were asked and was answered by speaker. An important question regarding air pollution during rocket launches was asked and there was a interesting debate regarding it. Q/N session finally ended  with a lot of amazing questions. Session came to an end with vote of thanks.


From this session, the participants got some insights about Rocket Propulsion and NASA.


Event ended successfully. There were many questions raised by participants to the speaker and hope they’ll got the knowledge related to Rocket Propulsion and, the session was interactive and enjoyed by the participants.