Event details:

Date: 24.01.2022

Timing: 3pm-4pm

Speaker: Dr. Kavitha. K Department of ECE, Kumaraguru College of technology, Coimbatore.

Event Description:

The Space talk was conducted every month to spread the knowledge on space related topics. Space talk-12 was taken by the Speaker Dr. Kavitha. K Department of ECE from KCT on the topic of ” Implementation of Kalman Filter”.

Pre event Works:

After finalizing the date, day, time and speaker for the space talks-12, the poster for the space talk was created and shared with registration link. The people who are all interested with this space talks are enrolled and made their presence in the space talks-12. And the feedback form was created to share the participant’s experience.


The session started with the welcome address by Sri Sanjanaa from PR Team. She welcomed everyone in the meet by greeting them. There were some delays in the presence of speaker due to some personal issues. Till that the session was handled by Mr. Sreejith Ravichandran, Director of PR Team and BOG of SEDSKCT. He talks about the projects that are undergone by SEDSKCT and the projects that are going with the brief insights. He also answers the questions of the participants on certain topics like, Black hole, Satellite communications, etc. Meanwhile our speaker Dr. Kavitha joined the session, and it was handed over to her with a short intro about her and her works in research and development. Dr. Kavitha started her session with an introduction about Kalman Filter and its applications. She also briefly explains about 1D Kalman filter and 2D Kalman filters. Later she explains about the process involves in locating the satellites and ways in deriving signal from satellites. She explains this in a detail with the equations and variables that are involved in the process. She explains the numerical methods that are involved in the filtration process and the methods that are undergone during operation. She also talks about the Wiener filter and the method it uses during filtration of the high noise signals. She also explains the working of the filter and the stages involved in the filtration process. She also explains how to setup the filter in the real-time according to our application with the desired values and the noise measurement. And the ways to locate the satellite with the GPS localization using the noise signals. And the methods to calculate the target distance with the help of noise signal. Later she explains about the Frequency shift of the signal by understanding the velocity of the signal received by the satellite. And radius control of the signal beam and how to locate the receiver according to that by locating the target for locating the radar so that beam can easy received.  Finally, she explains about the working examples of Kalman Filter. By measuring the unknown weight of the gold bar using Kalman filter and the steps that are involved measuring that and the methods that are involved in the process with a clear explanation.  By this she ended up her session. At last, the Q/A session was started, and the participants cleared their doubts in the Kalman filter, And the session came to an end with the vote of thanks.


Number of Registrations: 241

Number of Participants: 105


Posters were created and shared in what’s app, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


From this event, the participants got some insights about the past achievements, present progress and future plans of ISRO. The Participants got exposed to the job opportunities available in ISRO The participants also came to know about the various branches of ISRO and the job opportunities available there and they were exposed to the new websites launched by ISRO and its availability.


At last, the event ended successfully. There were many questions raised by participants to the speaker and hope they’ll got the knowledge related to Kalman filter and also, the session was interactive and enjoyed by the participants.