SPACE TALKS-1 is one of our most privileged works to be remembered for. The name of the event was ‘Days to Sols’ which essentially describes NASA’s historic MARS-2020 mission. We made the attendees to get an overview from Lift off in Florida to landing in Jezero (a terrain in Mars).

1. Initiation:

Discussions were made within the club to arrive on a topic that is catchy enough to attract audience. We eventually landed onto NASA’s calendar and came to know about the Perseverance rover launch.

2. Working phase:

Teams were split so as to work efficiently.


Speaker along with SEDS Blog team worked on all the necessary contents that are to be conveyed to the viewers.

Technical support:

SEDS Media team worked to deliver the info-graphical data so as to make Presentations more engaged.
Link to presentation :

3. Marketing phase:

The other part of Media team were engaged on making Posters, Videos With VFX and GIF’s to attract audience. All the promotions were made through social media.Through analyzing departments of participants from Google form registration , department with less participants were focused more.

Link to promo video –

Space talks logo  –

Logo and Visual effects done by Sreejith R ,lead of public relations using blender software and premiere pro


All the registrations were received through Google Forms.

No.of registrations received: 103

No.of attendees: 53

Event date: 17.07.2020

Event time: 4.00-5.00 pm

The event started with an welcome address from Ms.Janani ,lead of media.It was then headed over to the speaker Mr.Abinash Nataraj who followed the whole event with the utmost engagement from the audience. It was finally ended by an Q/A session where the audience shot out their questions from their heart. Ms.Janani, then gave the final vote of thanks to the audience who made the event a grand success.

Link to recorded Event –


Space talks will be further continued by inviting professors and scientist in field on space science .

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