The solar energy Satellite System may be a concept to gather alternative energy in space, so transport it to the surface of the planet by microwave (or possibly laser) beam, where it is converted into power for terrestrial use. The recent increase in energy costs, predictions of the near-term exhaustion of oil, and prominence of possible temperature change are the effects of the “greenhouse effect” from burning of fossil fuels .This has again brought energy sources to public attention, and therefore the time is certainly appropriate to re-examine the economics of space based power. Japan has contributed lots in achieving this by putting in place large laboratories to conduct studies on solar energy satellites.


Solar power satellites, otherwise referred to as powersats, orbit the planet and are designed to capture solar power and transmit that energy to receiving stations that are situated thousands of miles from one another on the surface of the world. These satellites are made of variety of modules outfitted with light weight photovoltaic solar panels. It is clean, green and safe. Collecting solar energy in space is additionally more efficient than collecting solar energy on the surface of the planet for several reasons.


• The power can be directed to any point on the earth’s surface.

• The power density would be uninterrupted by darkness, clouds, or precipitation, which are the issues encountered with earth based solar arrays.

• The realization of the SPS concept holds great promises for solving energy crisis

• No moving parts.

• No fuel required.

• No material.


• The main flinch of solar power transfer from orbit is that the storage of electricity during off peak demand hours.

• The frequency of beamed radiation is planned to be at 2.45 GHz and this frequency is employed by communication satellites also.

• The entire structure is huge.

• High cost and need much time for construction.

• Radiation hazards related to the system.

• Risks committed malfunction.

• High power microwave source and high gain antenna may be accustomed deliver an intense burst of energy to a target and thus used as a weapon


The SPS are a central attraction of space and energy technology in coming decades. However, large scale retro directive power transmission has not yet been proven and wishes further development. Another important area of technological development are going to be the reduction of the scale and weight of individual elements within the space section of SPS. Large-scale transportation and robotics for the development of large-scale structures in space include the opposite major fields of technologies requiring further developments. Technical hurdles are going to be removed within the coming one or twenty years. Finally, we glance forward to universal acceptance of the premise the electromagnetic energy could be a tool to boost the standard of life for mankind. it’s not a pollutant but more aptly, a person made extension of the naturally generated spectrum that gives heat and light-weight for our sustenance. From this view point, the SPS is simply a down frequency converter from the colour spectrum to microwaves.