Papa! Is this rice?

Yeah! It is…

Aaah! Actually babe… it’s called rice but…!!?

We believe our Earth originated from the sun in accordance with ‘Big Bang Theory’. Life has begun with a single cell. ‘Amoeba’ is the luckiest living organism to initiate life on Earth. Later on by evolution, multi cellular organisms came into existence. Lots of species’ had evolved and some into endangered and few into history by time. Finally, the last evolved species was the human being. Biologically, Human beings were considered as the successor of apes (Monkey). We are having the optimistic control on this Earth. That’s why we named ourselves as ‘Social animals’.


To be a best survivor, every living being must fit into the concept called “Survival of the fittest”. In order to achieve this, genetical changes may happen to that organism over generation. Organisms failing in that concept might dive into endangered situation. Genetic changes to an organism can be done artificially which is often called ‘Genetic Engineering’. Genetic Engineering is now a huge hope of evolution to our living world. Some of the deadly diseases have been cured by means of genetically engineered organisms. Pharmacy is partially dependent on genetic engineering.


Gregor Johann Mendel” who first discovered ‘Genetic inheritance’ in peas was then able to predict the characteristics of daughter genes with help of parental genes. After several researches, scientists came up with the new recombinant DNA which combines the characteristics of two different species.

Then with new recombinant DNA technology several characteristics of plants such as quality, insect resistance, salt water resistance and yield were improved. Genetic Engineering became more popular in agricultural field where basic necessity of life resides. Not only in agriculture, but it was widely used to benefit life.


Harmful bacteria have turned into saviours by means of GMO’s. They provide us better insulin, interferon, growth hormone and more. Organ transplantation has been a huge success in medical industry. It blessed lots of humans all over the world. Though, not everyone who required organ transplantation was blessed with that. Again, Genetic Engineering came in which solved the major issue and saved few more lives.

Initially, scientists tried to transplant organs from pigs to human but biologically it never helped. So, Geneticists with their effort incubated Genetically Engineered pigs. Organs of those were hopefully ready to fit for the humans. Organs like heart, liver are now possibly transplanted from those pigs.

Cloning! Oh! It’s an awesome discovery from my view. Yes! Just think about it, you are so much thirsted and you have droplets of water in your glass. With the blink of an eye, mystery begins; droplets are manipulating and in a minute you are having plenty of water to drink. Oh well, that’s the power of cloning. With the single cell of an organ, a whole new organ can be developed. It’s not limited to organs but for individual organisms too.

Huh! We had seen it on Endhiran, an Indian film by Shankar. Most advanced ones will definitely find a place in Museum. Yeah! Sometimes that’s true and we should never regret that. Nothing in world boxes only the benefits.

Author: dHaYaN