“Slogan is not a sentence it’s a feeling”. ABLE Club of Kumaraguru on 8th August 2021 conducted a Slogan creation contest to create awareness on important social issues and to explore the thinking and writing skills of the students.  The event started at 10AM and ended at 6PM on the 8th of August. Three particular topics such as poverty, racism and youth empowerment had been given to the participants and they gave the number of slogans based on their interest and uploaded it on to the M.S form which had been opened from 10 AM – 6 PM. The submission form was circulated among the students during the start of the event. The best among them were chosen and had been announced as the winner, runner respectively on the Instagram page of ABLE Club of Kumaraguru.

Following students have been declared as the winners for the slogan writing competition:

  • Prem Kumar C V
  • Harini J V
  • Arthiya K B
  • Sri Ragul

Competitions of this sort increase the observational skills, response to thoughts, awareness, and concern of the students towards social issues. Overall, the event has been organized in a systematic method and got a good exposure in gaining participants interpersonal skill. Thus, it’s all about a great learning experience for the participants and their participation interest which had shown off their slogan skill were tremendous.