“The best way to sharpen your skills is to use them”

Skill building is a powerful tool to empower individuals and improve their social acceptance.Reflecting on your skills and talents is a great way to start helping you to discover yourself andimprove them. People are often impressed by what others have accomplished without realizing what they went through to get there.
It takes immense courage to break our comfort shell and march towards skill identification.

So for all courageous students out there in KCT, an event SkillStation was organised by NSS_RRC_VBC.
Skill Station was organised to bring out the hidden talents within an individual. This event had four categories like blog or essay writing, reels, meme and poster making. This online event was
conducted from 9th to 11th of April.Participants were also provided with trending topics likelockdown life, corona vaccination and difficulties during online classes.
Around 20+ participants send their creative works in the form of reels, poster, essay, blog and memes. This event helped the participants to ignite the creativity in them.