Aeromodeling club of KCT organized an event named ‘SindhiKalam’. This was conducted to celebrate the 90th birth anniversary of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. The main aim is to bring out the innovative thinking and creative ideation of the school students. Students were split into two categories: category 1 – 6th to 8th grade and category 2 – 9th to 12th grade.

The event happened from 12th October and 14th October. The registration link was circulated from 6th October to 12th October and it was shared through all social media and the event was conducted via Google Forms.

Students under category 1, where asked to do the crafts of their interest and instructed to bring out their uniqueness and creativity to win this competition. Finally, after completing their work, they have to attach the video in the submission link circulated for all the registered participants.

Students under category 2 had to provide innovative solutions to any problem statement. The students are allowed to pick the problem statement of their interest. They have to submit their work in the respective submission link.

Participants whose crafts were more creative and unique were considered as winners for the first category. And for the second category, the winners were selected based on the level of difficulty of the problem statement and the innovation in the proposed solution. Participant Pratiyush Kumar was the winner of the first category and participant Aishwarya was the winner of the second category.

Finally, the event was successful and participants as well as organizers had great time during the event.