Among the millions blessed with a perfectly functioning body, there is one man among us, Mr. “Thannambikai” Ramachandran, our receptionist. In the early stages of his life was attacked by polio, leading to the complete misbalance of one entire side of his body.
But, he wasn’t demotivated, that didn’t stop him from achieving, instead, he was highly motivated by that.

He began his journey by going to the gym, finding hard for 3-4 push-ups, getting trolled by a few as well. All those didn’t bother him, he then mastered the art of body-building, he was the Mr.Coimbatore in 2010, and also achieved in Mr. Madurai, Mr. Tamilnadu, Mr. South India as well, his achievements didn’t stop here, it extended to various sports and cultural as well, he has also won various competitions all over the country in Table-tennis, Shot-put, Discus throw, and also won the Paralympics Cricket leagues. He had also secured 7th place in the 2nd FAZAA International Athletics Competition in Dubai-2010 for Shot-put. He has also been a great story-teller, he has participated in various drama events, he has been a great debater aswell. And, he had struggled for 3-4 Push-ups at the beginning but now, he now has taken 67 Non-Stop Push-ups. When asked, his experience on overcoming his physical illness, he said that the trollers will keep trolling, but he focussed on the only thing, achieving! With Shri Ramakrishna and Vedathri Maharishi as his role model and inspiration, he said following their principles, made him achieve all these and also he said, his friends stood by him in every situation, and they were the main reason for him to achieve.
He also asked the youths of today, to work hard and focus on what’s going to help them after 30 and asked youths not to get driven on the wrong side! He is a man of achievements!

Mr. Coimbatore 2020

Yes, many of us knew him, but only a few knew his achievements!
In the end, he also said that “KCT” is the place he’s loving the most, and the place he’s loving to work at! And, in the meantime of this article getting written, his gallery of awards count has increased by one! He has won The Ability Achievers Award just a week ago! Now, he is also the Silver Medal holder in the Mr.Coimbatore -2020!
So, is there any other thing, this man can’t do?!

Content Courtesy: Arvind.B.S, 2nd B.Tech (Computer Science)