Whenever we are travelling in bus or train while speaking in mobile phone we feel difficult due to disturbance. So we will talk loudly to receive our voice to another person. For this case Silent Sound Technology can be implemented.

What is Silent Sound Technology?

It is the new technology that converts lip movements to computer generated voice so that listener can hear it from other end. In this technology vocal cords are not used. This technology aims to notice lip movements and transform them into a computer- generated sound that can be transmitted over a phone. Hence person on other end of phone receives the information in audio.

What happen when we speak?

When we talk loudly or softly air passes through larynx and tongue then words are produced using articulation muscles in jaw.

 Speaking relies on the presence of two folds tissue called vocal cord in the larynx(voice box) at the top of the trachea. As air passes between the cords when we speak loudly or silently  they vibrate and it is  modified into meaningful speech by movement of lips, cheeks and tongue.

How Silent Sound Technology Work?
Methods used:-

a.     Electromyography(EMG):-
When we talk anything then our face and tiny muscles make movement and this monitored by machine and this monitored single is converted into a speech without making any sound using mouth this generates speech. This evaluates and recode the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. For this all process some electronic sensors attached to human face to trach face movement and other data to generate speech. This all recorded data process with old recorded data and compare this both to understand and generate the correct speech using this all data

b. Image processing
This is simplest method. Our face movement track using a camera. This image is used to predict what the user is trying to speak. In other words user face movement recode using camera and this video data used to process like other algorithms use face detection, human detection, and many others detection algorithms. In each video users face movement tracked and predict the movement. And generate the speech.


Application of Silent Sound Technology:-
Ø  It will help people who have lost their voice as a result of accident or as result of old age
Ø  It can be use a military for communication of secrete or sensitive information.
Ø  It is applicable if you want to make a call in conference meeting or library without disturbing the others
Ø  .Speaker can speak his native language like German and listener can listen to it in his native language like English v. It is applicable for those who want to make a call in nosily environment
Ø  As we know in space there is no medium for sound to travel so this technology can be best utilized by astronauts.

It will be one of the innovation and useful technology and in  future this technology will be used in our day to day life.