“Find in yourself those human things which are universal.”

Here, Kumaraguru Dramatroupe came up with a colourful event named Shoot the Suit.It is an online event conducted during this quarantine period to keep the participants occupied with acting and modelling skills.Shoot the suit is an event in which the participants can choose their favourite character and dress up like them with some creativity

We have conducted this event from 23rd to 25th of July ,which is completely online based.The main motive of this event is to bring out their modelling skills for their favourite character and answer few questions about them.

The participants were given a few questions in the template. On the first day of our event,we had posted the template in our Instagram page @kumaraguru_dramatroupe.
The participants were very enthusiastic as we received a variety of responses in our instagram page.
Starting from actor Vijay to Moana.Overall we had over 25+ participants actively participating in the event.The participant with the most creative modelling was picked as the winner.