“Learning indoors can be fun when we with fun”

Here, Kumaraguru Haasya came up with an hilarious online event named Ship wreck.It is an online event conducted during this quarantine period to keep the participants occupied with humorous ideas and creative thinking.Ship Wreck is an event,which you can use your creative thoughts to escape from the given situations.

We have conducted this event from 08th to 10th of july,which is an completely online based event.The main motive of this event is bring out the creative thinking how to tackle the risk situation,that could be delivered in a humorous way.

The participants were given with critical situation video to find a way to escape from that situation.They should narrate their funny ideas in the google form that we provide in the haasya page. On the first day of our event,we had posted the video,which we have given the storyline.

Overall we had over 75+ participants actively participating in the event.The participants with the most interesting storyline was picked as the winner.