“Life’s most persistent  and urgent question is what are you doing for other”

We the National Service Scheme (NSS) of Kumaraguru College of Technology conducted an online quiz event on Friday 24, September 2021 conducted for the 52nd NSS day. Every year on September 24, India celebrates National Service Scheme Day (NSS Day). During Mahatma Gandhi’s Centenary Year (1969), on September 24, the National Service Scheme (NSS) was inaugurated

The NSS motto “Not Me but You” represents the spirit of democratic living and emphasizes the need for selfless service. NSS teaches students to appreciate other people’s points of view and to be considerate to other beings. The ideology of the NSS is perfectly exemplified in this slogan, which emphasizes on the concept that everyone’s welfare is highly reliant on the welfare of society.

A quiz on National Service scheme (NSS ) was conducted through Microsoft Forms to make students aware of NSS which aims at developing students personality through community service. The overall objective of conducting the quiz was to sensitize students and to create awareness which gave them a wealth of information on National Service Scheme. Students were seen enthusiastically participating in the competition and by doing so, we have imparted knowledge about NSS to the majority of the participants.