Serverless computing refers to a type of cloud based computing where the cloud provider takes care of managing servers and various tasks.

Why Serverless Computing?

Serverless Computing allows us to focus on our application without thinking about any servers.

  • There are no Servers to maintain.
  • There is no operating system and also no software to maintain and No hardware to upgrade.

  Cloud Provider takes care of

  • Creating Servers and managing it
  • Managing Software/Hardware Upgrades
  • Scalability
  • Ensure your application is available or not
  • Installing Operating System and required Software

Benefits of Serverless Computing:

Deploying program/application is easier than compared to other models of servers.          

Serverless computing enables high productivity as it relieves us from tasks like server management, scalability and multi-threading.

Popular Serverless Computing Services:

Some of the popular serverless computing services include

  • Amazon web services-Lambda
  • Google cloud platforms-Cloud functions
  • Microsoft Azure-Azure Functions