A satellite phone or satphone, is a phone that works by connecting to a telecommunications satellite in space. Unlike the mobile phone and the GSM network, its efficiency does not depend on the terrestrial transmission antennas installed by different mobile operators to cover a territory. In the case of a satellite phone, transmitted and received signals pass through satellites placed in orbit around the earth. The distance between Earth’s satellites depends on the position of the satellites in low orbit or geostationary.

Motorola proposed the first portable telephony system based on telecommunications satellites. This revolutionary idea was not only for navigators and great adventurers, but also for certain emergency situations, such as a rescue in the open sea or access to an isolated rural area affected by an earthquake or any emergency.

• Operating at sea and in the most isolated regions such as mountainous areas, forests and deserts, and polar poles.
• Robust and reliable devices that withstand extreme temperatures, shocks and in general extreme conditions.
• Most of the most efficient devices allow you to send SMS, transmit data and access the Internet from anywhere in the world.
• Can be used worldwide to send an SOS, send and receive calls, and send short SMS messages.
• It does not depend on terrestrial GSM antennas to operate.

Satellite phones send radio signals to a satellite which then transmits back down to earth where a station will then route the call to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In some cases the satellite phone provider will transmit from one satellite to another satellite which has a connection to an Earth station. Outbound calls are relayed from the satellite phone on the ground to one of the satellites within the line of sight. Next the call is relayed from one satellite to another at which it reaches the correct satellite to then connect back down to the appropriate ground station. The call is then transferred to the public voice network or Internet when it reaches the recipient.

The rental of a satellite phone is ideal for those who need to rely on a stable communication from remote locations in specific situations. Usually, satellite phones are used by government authorities, security and emergency services, logistics operations and transportation by land, air or sea. Renting a satellite phone is always better than buying one, as it is insanely expensive to own it. The main advantage of satellite phone rental is the possibility of communication in all corners of the planet, but the resistance of these devices, which can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, also makes them the most effective method in mountain expeditions, business, humanitarian missions and more. To start using a satellite phone, it is only necessary to have a clear view of the sky, since any solid structure can decrease or block the signal and affect the quality of the calls. With a satellite phone there is no roaming, the rate is the same no matter where on the planet you are to call, send text messages and emails up to 160 characters. And if you are in an emergency situation you can send your GPS coordinates to be located immediately.

There are only two types of people who use satellite phone.

  1. Basically its used by defense personal, border security forces, trekkers, mountaineers, fishermen and sailors because these are the only people who dare to go to such places which are located remotely they do it either for the country or to achieve a goal, where there is no cellular coverage here is where satellite phone is needed as it works without a cellular tower.
  2. People who have enough money to own it and most likely use it only in case of emergency.