IIT Madras had organized Saraang in the month of February. With total of 26 members from the club, we had managed to participate in most of the literature quizzes including Anime genre as well. The events to specify in oration are Debate, JAM, STEW. Whereas the quizzing events included SCITECH, INDIA, TLQ, MELAS and ANIME QUIZ. With a new virtual mode and a different crowd, it has raised the standards of everyone’s thinking. The club learnt, taught and practiced a new mode of these events. Sabarish G had made it to the final in STEW wherein 80+ had participated and only 10% of them were selected. All the genres were covered and the interest people as well as those who intended to learn were encouraged to take part as this could help the club with improving one’s confidence and encouraging more participation in future.