There is always more to the world than what you can just see!

This is exactly what drives Samyuktha Rajesh – II Year CSE/KCT to look out for opportunities in everything. Hailing from Bangalore, Samyuktha started her technical exploration during the adverse times of COVID when she understood her passion in web development and has never stopped learning since. She has explored frameworks like CodeIgniter, React and has experience with AWS gained through working at her father’s company Pustaka Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

Being a part of Project-Based Learning (PBL) framework, during her first year, she completed two website development projects namely Anneta – a website for NGOs and individuals who gratify donations to the needy, and a PBL website for the college to showcase the projects done in PBL through microsites for every group thereon. Her team has also presented a paper at the ICERLT Conference and is in pipeline for publication. Impressed by the second project innovation, she was offered an internship at, and is currently working on an internship at LogUS, Bangalore on a website that is aimed at improvising peer-to-peer lending in finances. She is also interning at IndianRaga where she focuses on website optimization. 

Parallelly, Samyuktha is an avid lover of dance and the testament for her intense passion towards it can be noted from her Instagram dance page @la__danza which she manages with her peers. Playing an integral part in clubs and forums like Evoke, iQube, Kural and Yuva, she has learned to handle multiple roles and responsibilities. She believes that choosing the right opportunities is vital to building a career and her aim is to be a full stack developer. Thereby, stating that her journey towards success is not far away as we watch her flourish through it.