Rust – new C++?

Rust and C++ both are high-performance, open-source, powerful languages

C++ has a larger community, more frameworks, libraries, and is well recognized.

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On the other hand, Rust is offering more safety and is more user-friendly with faster speed and performance.

Let’s see how they differ briefly.


  • Features:
    • Speed
    • Performance
    • Similar Syntax to C++
  • Known for,
    • Memory Safety – doesn’t use a garbage collector
    • Memory management – doesn’t allow null or dangling pointers
    • Safe Concurrency capabilities.
  • Common Usage,
    • Device Drivers
    • Embedded Systems
    • Operating Systems
    • Game Development
  • Fact:
    •  Rust was initially developed for Mozilla Firefox, but its performance and efficiency attracted many programmers.
    • Most Loved Programming Language” since 2016 from Stack Overflow Developer Survey.


  • Features:
    • Speed
    • Performance
  • Known for,
    • Robustness
    • Efficiency
    • Standard Template Library
    • Competitive Programming
  • Common Usage,
    • Operating Systems
    • Game Development
  • Fact: Extension of the C language with many additional usage and features

Exploring The Differences


            Rust offers memory safety and essentially removes the need for manual memory management procedures, unlike C++. Also, Rust provides built-in management features while in C++ it’s up to you.


In common cases, build times are the same for both languages, depending on the number of templates in the C++ project because more templates can slow down the build time.

Rust compiler is user-friendly and offers useful error messages and the best tooling.

Ease of Use

Rust is easier to use than C++ because of its semantics and its ability to prevent unwanted behavior.

Frameworks and Libraries

C++ has a wide variety and range of libraries and frameworks. Though rust is younger than C++, it also offers the best frameworks.

C++ has a wide community while the Rust community is currently growing.

Game Development

Currently, C++ is the popular language for game development. Most dominating games are written in C++.

Unreal Engine is the main framework for game development, which is written in C++. It is polished and mature.

           Rust is currently evolving in the game development field.


It’s up to you to choose one between Rust and C++. both have their pros and cons.

If you want a language with a wide community, reliability, and a powerful library, C++ is a good option. If you want to go for game development you can choose C++.

Rust is best for memory safety and concurrency while easy to use. If you want the code to be very safe without memory leaks, Rust is the best choice.

Both are well used and solid and won’t fail you. Thanks for reading!