The event started on a high note with both the sides gearing up with thoughts prattling since one year in their minds. The oration circle began with discussing the impacts of online education till date as in how good or bad of an impact it had made in the lives of students as well as their families. The side talking for the motion explained how everyone could learn from any place and how it made the youngsters live with their family yet achieve their dreams by being in their shell whereas, the group speaking against the motion made it clear that it did weaken the vibe of studying and achieving more as the practical applications part of most of their education got hampered. The debate started heating up after few of the speakers shared their personal positive and negative experiences they had faced with the “New Normal Education System”.  The tendency for the debate to end seemed lesser with passing of the time as more and more unknown angles to online education were revealed. However, it had to end because of time constraint which made the participants end it with a final touch which we got from the audience’s perspective. The event got over with the final conclusion that ” it is better to have offline education system”,  which was chosen on the basis of voting done by the people, both participants and audience present in the meet.