“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.”

Robotics and Automation Club of Kumaraguru College of Technology organized and conducted a quiz event “Roboquest”.


This was an interesting quiz event that was conducted online exclusively for the freshers of KCT on January 12th from 6 pm – 7 pm.


To elaborate more on this and to keep the quest throughout the journey of Robotics and Automation, the RAC came up with a unique idea in order to show their interest or just to pull off their curiosity/eagerness towards the robotic skills or knowledge related robots. It was not only an event conducted but rather an interesting one where the people of younger minds can explore and develop a good knowledge of robotics and automation.


This event was conducted effectively in two rounds. The first round was in the Kahoot app and the second one was through Microsoft teams


The welcome address was given by event coordinators Asfaq Moideen and Giftlin Devapriya.

The session was filled with interaction between the participants and the event coordinators as well as with Prakash Ganesan Vice President of RAC.

And the rules and regulations for the quiz event were also explained very clearly.

Round 1 – The quiz event was exclusively conducted for the freshers on the Kahoot app where the participants enthusiastically participated and 15 questions were given on the particular topic “Robotics and Automation” and they were able to do well based on the knowledge, information, and the facts they had known and had within that duration.


The separate round was conducted through MS teams using presentation and there were 10 questions to attend based on the theme “Automation” and the members took part in it to showcase their interest in Robotic Automation. All the members used their time efficiently and the flow of the event was continuous and relevant to the topic.


Prize winners of RoboQuest

 1st prize – Divakar CS 12700-ME

 2nd prize – Sabari B 12526 – IT

 3rd prize – Harshath H 13019 CS

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun”

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