What is a Hackathon?

One of the latest fad terms among Engineering students and typically every industry is “Hackathon”. Even the government is making its demands expecting creative solutions for the problems the country confronts. Hackathon – the event that pools eager entrepreneurs and software developers into a confined space for a day or two, and challenges them to create a cool  app and this is how it began.  But today hackathons aren’t just for the coding crowd. This ideology has lead us to a breakthrough and instil more innovation-driven culture. Typically Hackathon can be used in reference to a short, intense plunge that assaults the senses and allows students to experience creative disruption.

Why RiGathon?

RiG is the gel of Ré, iQube and Garage and hence the name.

RiGathon is the first of its kind hackathon by the RiG team in KCT.

The main motive is to enhance the culture of Hackathon within KCT and to build the urge to compete in such tech events among KCTians.

Students take a break from their daily class schedule and put their mind and skill to pressure of creation.

In this 48-hour RiGging, we established brainstorming sessions, in that it is all about results and jump-starting a way of working, not just stopping with idea generation.

The problem statement to be worked on was to create a bot for KCT with any added features to it with the tech ration provided within the 48 hour time provision.

What did we have for RiGathon?

Starting from scratch:

The goal is to toss aside traditional notions of how things are done and reimagine the richest, most efficient way to reach the need. The participants knocked down the notion of work on assumption. Finding the real stat for the problem statement, plotting down what is needed for the institution and how to incorporate it with the bot became the big deal. The brain storming ended with the networking dinner followed by the Initial Pitch to the mentors. The participant night owls had a 1AM technical pitch.

Creative mind-set:

The event was planned in a way that the team would build their idea putting in the creative mix to bring out the best of feasible solutions capable in 48 hours span.


The curious minds were randomly split based on one criterion that each team must comprise: one from Mechanical, one from Electrical, and one for the Coding part. This assortment catalyst brought a range of perspectives to keep the group think at bay while intense deadlines dispensed with small talks, and enhanced quick and deep collaborations.

Concrete Output:

The event started with ideas and resulted in 17 working prototypes that people can see, touch and interact. After an intense brainstorming, which includes sketching a viable product and overnight coding and development of the prototype, a 48-hour hackathon typically concluded with an experiential presentation to the mentors. This showcase included a real-life demonstration of the new prototype and a roadmap of the functions and other capabilities as promised in the 1AM tech pitch.


Continual cycles of refining and re-releasing until the new prototype and app met the desired experience criteria promised in the pitch, the mentors kept repeating and the Riggers made their way into every obstacle set on their way. Iteration brought about the desired result & quality combo.

Continuous & Fun:

When RiGathon ended, there was a surge of enthusiasm and energy. But that energy was dissipated and the organiser team put in place activities, dance, music and games to sustain the momentum. The Riging team were engaged with

  • Spot performances

Tap the feet and flaunt with your moves for the random numbers of the playlist.

  • Karaoke

Music behind and let the riggy voice out.

  • XBOX Challenge

Mortal combat with the joy pads. Had a 4AM XBOX gaming to burst the stress build-up.

  • Night owl championship

Eyes never/least closed will be awarded for the astonishing determination and stamina on the long run.


Every idea was not just backed up with technicality. Trust and dedication stood beside. Every team believed in their idea, improvisation was the second step. None scaled down on the initial pitch and this became the reality for positive competition amidst the teams.

Promising ideas were constantly monitored and mentored to do more.


Let’s skip the conventional. Eight awards were decided.

  • Mind RiG – Best ideation
  • RiG blink – Special and unique approach to the common issue with the provided amenities
  • Mech RiG – Best mechanical design
  • Electrical RiG – Best circuit design
  • Code RiG – Best coded design
  • Quick RiG – Fastest completion of the prototype/bot
  • Night owls – Awards for the night-owl championship winners.
  • Best RiG team – The name tells what it is. Team work and work methodology were the criteria.


Apart from this, the late-night thinkers enjoyed a 1AM EGG munch to refuel at the 28th hour. From the unlimited potato peel chips to the soft drinks that made everyone burp was welcomed with open mouths and surprising eyes.  For the native pinch, banana quest and ground nut candies made into the snack list.

At the best, RiGathon created a structure and process around idea development in KCT and with plans to stretch more. The first of its kind in KCT with 100% innovation, 100% learning, 90% tech, 5% rest and unlimited loads of memories.