SEDS KCT hosted a session called Research Insights to help students clarify their ideas about research. The main goal of this session is to teach students how to conduct research projects and how to use effective key techniques such as literature surveys and data analysis. To invite students to the session, an invitation was created.

Date: 06-03-2022

Timing: 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Participants: Members of SEDS KCT.

Overview of the event:

Akhila Ajith from the Event Management team kicked off the meeting by addressing the audience with a welcome address regarding the guests.

Mr. Mithun, a SEDS KCT alumnus, began his part of the presentation by introducing himself as a CFD Engineer in Aerodynamics at the Defense Research and Development Laboratory. After his introduction, he began his discussion on the topic of “Research Insights.”

He greeted everyone to the event and gave an overview of his research and publications. He began his speech by explaining his ideas on research and asking the audience to define research in general. He went over the prerequisites of a research team as well as the research-related tasks that the team must be able to complete.

He highlighted the importance of developing a mission strategy. To help attendees understand what he was talking about, he used the mission of sending a space shuttle to Mars as an example. He then went on to talk about the preliminary mission plan. This, he claims, is one of the most important factors in academic success. He talked about the thesis statement, which is important in determining the timeline for the space shuttle. Finally, he discussed the mission’s outline, from launch to return to Earth from Mars, as well as the mission’s work flow, which begins with prototyping, estimating, and computational analysis and ends with testing.

He then got into a discussion about research papers. He stressed to the audience the significance of the first draught, introduction, and conclusion of research papers. Furthermore, he emphasized the do’s and don’ts of research paper writing.

Mr. Isaac, a SEDS KCT alumnus, arrived in and shared his SEDS KCT experience. He also kept in touch with the newly enlisted personnel. During the doubt-clearing session, Mr.Midhun discussed his experience with DRDO and detailed the procedure for joining it. He responded to a question from a participant about the role of engineers in defense organizations like DRDO and ISRO. Participants were given a feedback form to complete. The meeting came to an end.

Number of participants: 41


   Digital Posters were created for the event and marketed to the students with the help of social media like Instagram, WhatsApp etc.


The students were able to learn about the research paper writing procedure. This will help them with their research. They got an opportunity to learn about the mission’s workflow and the process that went into it. This workshop built a strong bond between SEDS KCT alumni and new recruits.


Finally, Feedback form was circulated to the participants and we got good response. There were many questions raised by students and cleared by the speaker, hopefully, they got the knowledge in building research ideas and the event ended successfully.