Department of Political science in collaboration with many other clubs of Kumaraguru Institutions like Qubate, Tamilmandram, Scrabble, Books & Beyond, Varnam and Fine arts celebrated the 72nd Republic day of India in a grand manner by conducting various competitions for a couple of days. One of the competitions which was conducted in collaboration with the Qubate club of Kumaraguru was the REPUBLIC DAY QUIZ with the theme – “INDIA” which happened on 25th January by 5pm. Though it is online we made every possible way for this event to happen without any flaws and loopholes. The quiz was conducted in an online platform through QUIZIZZ. All the participants were given the passcode for the quiz and there were 40 questions given. All of them will be participating at the same time and the duration for each question is 30seconds. The questions were based on the common topic INDIA. Questions were asked in many ways as choose, fill up, identifying the childhood pictures of freedom fighters, finding the similarities and so on. This quiz covered many new and important events in a different and interesting way of questions. The participants will have an outline of many events after participating in this quiz like Wood’s dispatch, Temple of rats, First wooden satellite, World’s hottest chilly and so on. After the quiz got over the answer key was shared for the reference of the participants. Charan from II B Tech IT won the quiz out of 45+ participants.