Research inovations:

Utilization of renewable energy sources is one of the best ecofriendly options to refrain from using fossil fuels. Making use of solar energy is positively one of the most feasible ways to mitigate the world’s energy crisis. The third generation solar cells such as dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) and organic solar cell (OSC) have received great attention as a promising technology for renewable energy exploration. . Biological methods have emerged as a green alternative, for it is environment-friendly, cost effective and could be easily scaled-up. Eco-friendly green synthesis of metal nanoparticles using only plant extracts and without any harmful chemicals offers a promising scope in nanotechnology. We have green synthesized the silver nano particle by using the Peltophorum pterocarpum (PP) flower extract.Uniform silver nano particle with diameter ranging from 25 to 50 nano meter have been achevied. The DSSCs have been fabricated by using green synthesized Ag NPs mixed with TiO2 photoanode and the plasmonic effect of Ag NPs on DSSC has been studied.B y incorporating optimum wg% of  silver nano patericels 28% remarkable improvement in the power conversion efficiency has been achieved when compared to the reference sample


My patent idea:

The solar energy produced by the solar cells will be directly used during the day time to power the LED signal lights. During the shortage of the sunlight the insufficient energy will be backed up automatically from the grid by the regulating unit. The output voltage varies depends on the sunlight so, by using a regulator a constant output is obtained. The brightness in the daytime is not necessarily to be in the night time due to dark background. So, only one third of energy is more than enough to give necessary lumens. By using a LDR circuit depending on the intensity of sunlight only one-third of the energy which is consumed during the bright sunlight is used. A unit is developed to regulate the voltage from the solar cell, to provide stabilized sufficient energy to load by giving priority to the solar energy and only during the shortage of energy from the solar, insufficient energy is provided from the grid energy. Also, reducing the current to the load depends on the sunlight to save energy during the night time.