HAM Club of Kumaraguru organized an Workshop Radio Amateur’s Relay – RAR, from 27th March 2021 to 28th March 2021. This event was co-ordinated by Hari Priya K. The speakers are Mr.R.Karthikeyan, Assisstant Professor, Kumaraguru College Of Technology and Mr.Honest Peter, Manager, Amateur Radio Club Coimbatore(ARCC).

On first day, Mr.R.Karthikeyan interacted with the participants about WH of amateur radio and also gave some information rescue operations of HAM’ians. Followed by this video was played regarding basics of HAM and then participants discussed about this with organizer. Ms. K.Hari Priya gave a presentation about HAM club of Kumaraguru.

During second day, Mr.R.Karthikeyan gave an introduction about Mr.Honest Peter. Mr.Honest Peter interacted with the participants by sharing his life incidents related to HAM, how radio influenced his life, satellite communication and ended with repeater. Followed by this a video was played regarding Fox Hunt game and then participants discussed about the session. Finally the day ended with feedback session.

The main objective of this webinar is to make the participants know about the “History of HAM radio” and benefits of being an “RF Engineer”. Though the session was interesting and interactive and the outcome was awesome.