“Road safety is a state of mind; accident is an absence of mind.”

Roads and road travel are a valuable asset and support system for our modern day lifestyle. Everyday millions of people travel on roads. This makes road travel quite complicated and risk-prone if not handled with caution. Now, this is where road safety comes in handy to avoid such consequences.

Road safety refers to the provision and therefore the state that an individual is safe from any form of harm while at the road. It became a priority after the invention of mass-produced vehicles. Road safety is an important concept for any country, state or city as it determines the well-being of the people in that location.

We observe a number of accidents taking place each day as a result of which millions of lives and families have been destroyed. The potential hazards for such accidents can range from bad road behavior to road dynamics or even bad infrastructure. Behavior such as drunk-driving, exceeding speed limits and general rash driving are also a few of the possible reasons. Furthermore, ignoring road signs which provide important information – such as crossroads or intersection can also be the leading cause in vehicular accidents. Even maintenance of the vehicle plays an important role in road safety. 

As a result, we need to improve road safety for a safer life. If all the people of our country start becoming concerned about road safety, then it will be possible to prevent the problem. The first step to achieving this is to create awareness among the public

In view of the above mentioned purpose, we the road safety patrol of Kumaraguru college of technology conducted an online quiz event “QUIZZARD”. It was conducted over a span of 3 days from 20/10/20- 22/10/20. A total of 34 students participated in this event. Preliminary rounds were conducted for two days wherein the participants were given 2 quizzes on each day. On the completion of 4 rounds, based upon the scores, top 3 students were shortlisted for the 5th round. The top scorers were Anuvrinda.R, Souhbarnika.V and Venkateshwari.P. Among the 3 finalists Anuvrinda cleared the quizzard and was declared the winner of this event.

This event was successful in creating the awareness about the road safety rules among the students with the vision of creating an accident free society.

In conclusion, for any effective change in the safety of our roads we need to consciously change our attitude towards providing safer roads- not just for ourselves or for young people, but for everyone.