If this will not work and will give you the same error, that could mean that the factory image was damaged already and you need a factory reset disc. This procedure will erase all files on your hard drive. If neither of the above methods works, you can try using Windows Installation Recovery Media. This is a special disc or USB drive that contains all the files and data needed to reinstall Windows.

You can choose more or less depending on how many restore points you want and the capacity of your hard drive. I’m using HP laptop and still it doesn’t remove the error message even I press delete button. Insert the Windows 10 bootable installation DVD or Recovery Discand restart your PC. Now make sure that the computer Hard disk or SSD is set as a top priority in the Boot order. If not, use up or down arrow keys to set hard disk at the top, which means the computer will first boot from it rather than any other source. It’s possible that a single issue is causing your high disk usage.

Running a full scan allows your antivirus program to scan protected areas that might be affected by malware. You can also use MiniTool ShadowMaker to perform system restore with the previously created system image when Windows 10 Restore failed. What’s more, MiniTool ShadowMaker, the backup software, has different editions so you can choose any one based on your own needs. You can also download the trial edition from the following button or purchase an advanced edition.

Windows 11 Start menu is unresponsive

Here are some common reasons behind the Windows System Restore stops working issue. You have 9 ways to fix system restore not working in Windows 10. But you have to know that System Restore is not working as its name imply, it cannot restore a damaged system or individual files. Thus, it’s suggested to backup system with a true backup software like AOMEI Detail Backupper Standard. System restore not working Windows 10, why is it and how to fix it? Learn more below and fix it with 9 given solutions.

  • You can try solutions like enabling your Windows Recovery Environment, fixing the missing or corrupted WinRE.wim tool, running a system file scan, and creating a new recovery drive.
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  • Now that you have diagnosed your error, you should make your support forum request.

So, it is best that you consult your motherboard manual. Many newer computers have no separate button for resetting the computer; it is integrated with the power button. On most newer operating systems, the user can customize what happens when they press the power button.

Fixing automatic repair loop error on a black screen

This command is not supported while in the Windows Preinstallation Environment . If the system detects a boot failure on a computer running Windows, the system automatically fails over into the on-disk Windows RE tool. As explained in the previous section, although this step is optional, you should restart Windows to allow all the changes to take effect properly. Type CMD in the Cortana search box present in the taskbar, and click Run as administrator from the results box that appears. On the User Account Control confirmation box, click Yes to give your consent to access the elevated Command Prompt window.

This should have resolved the “This app can’t open” error for now. When you click on Finish, your Windows will get restored to a state it was in before you created the restore point. A System Restore takes your PC back to a point where everything worked fine. Note that this only works if you have created and stored a restore point beforehand. After you’ve added your new account, it’s time to switch to it.