“Optimism inspires, energizes and brings out our best”

In these pandemic times, students are subjected to face various hectic situations and hardships in their lives. Thus, AGAM FORUM OF KUMARAGURU INSTITUTIONS conducted an event which served as an opportunity for the students to enhance their thinking quality and get to know the importance of being optimistic in every life situation. Thus, the name of the event “QUALITY OF BEING OPTIMISTIC” which was conducted on 26th of September 2021, between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The resource person was DR. L. SHANTHI, Assistant Professor from Government Arts College- Coimbatore-18. The speaker emphasized on improving the quality of student’s mind by explaining the qualities of being optimistic in every single aspect of life.

The speaker, under the banner of mental wellbeing and the qualities of being optimistic, travelled throughout the session. There was an interactive quiz part which was planned by the resource person to decode the optimistic levels in the participants.

The session was held in such a manner that, day to day real life situations was quoted for examples. The speaker mentioned about the importance of dropping the emotional baggage that we carry along our life’s journey.

The highlight of the session was the presentation made by the resource person. The presentation was crisp and catchy. The event came to an end with a Q&A session in which the speaker was asked to talk about how the speaker handled the hardships in life for which the speaker gave ample amount of real-life example situations.

The event was completely focused on motivating the participants to practice positive thinking and the importance of being optimistic was emphasized. The participants interacted with the resource person through a quiz and feedback session. Every participant felt motivating and optimistic and acknowledged the event as a successful one.  The event benefited of about 60 participants.